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 Exact order 
 Exact order 
  • Peter Novins #1: Hello.
    Peter Novins #2: I'm sorry, I must have dialed the wrong number.
    Peter Novins #1: What number did you want?
    Peter Novins #2: Klondike 5-6189
    Peter Novins #1: This is Klondike 5-6189. Who are you calling?
    Peter Novins #2: No, I must have dialed wrong. This can't be Klondike 5-6189.
    Peter Novins #1: Yeah, that's the number you've reached. Who did you want?
    Peter Novins #2: I wasn't calling anybody at this number. Wait a minute - are you sure this is Klondike 5-6189?
    Peter Novins #1: I think I know my own number, pal. Who are you?
    Peter Novins #2: Peter Novins. Who are you?
    Peter Novins #1: I'm Peter Novins.
    (episode Shatterday)

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  • Armed Forces
    • Nightcrawlers
      • Vietnam veteran Price's troop from the war that he abandoned in the midst of a fire fight. (Episode Nightcrawlers)
  • Cafes and Delis
    • Big Bob's Cafe
      • Diner where Vietnam veteran Price stops for coffee, bringing the war back with him. (Episode Nightcrawlers)
  • Restaurants-Asian
    • Mr. Lee's Chinese Cuisine
      • Chinese restaurant that serves interesting fortune cookies. "If you love your Pekingese don't ask for a doggie bag." (episode The Misfortune Cookie)

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