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REMEMORY 2017 Film
  • Gordon Dunn: We tend to think of memories as these filed-away facts stored safely in the brain, when in actuality, everything that's happened to you since the event you remember has altered the memory of that event, providing a new filter through which you experience it, a filter that changes, and forgets, and exaggerates, and combines, and morphs. But the pure experience does still exist within you, for your brain has the ability to remember every event that's ever happened to you, down to the greatest of detail. The problem is you have no way of recalling it, no way to clear the filters of time and get back to the truth. Until now. The Rememory machine allows people to experience the truth of their lives.

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        •  Rememory 2017 Film | Source Timeline
          When Sam visits Charles at the Willow Glen Nursing Home, he checks the visitor sign-in sheet on his way out. The names Allison McCreedy, Josh Daves and James Smith are listed for 9/30.

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