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  • Rafe: Everything they're telling you is a lie.

Real dates. Fictional events.

Fictional business and products... and more
  • Construction Companies
    • Zephyr Wind
      • Company listed in the yellow pages next to Phoenix Fire Systems.
  • Elementary Schools
    • Pilsen Elementary School
      • Fictional elementary school in the real Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago. Source of the resistance messages that appear during the opening credits.
  • Home Maintenance Services
    • Phoenix Fire Systems
      • Company William Mulligan finds in the yellow pages, what he believes is a resistance message.
  • Lodging-Hotels
    • Hotel Melville
      • Residence of history teacher at Pilsen Elementary / prostitute / Phoenix operation resistance member Priscilla Scott / Jane Doe.
  • Newspapers
    • Chicago Herald
      • Fictional newspaper mentioned in resistance message broadcast from Pilsen Elementary School.
  • Parties
    • Unity Rally
      • Event at Soldier Field, resistance group target.
  • Programs and Projects
    • Phoenix
      • Chicago based alien resistance operation.
  • Security Services
    • Monterrey Security
      • Security service at Soldier Field for the Unity Rally.
  • Thoroughfares-Drives
    • Drexel Drive
      • Street Ben Simon mentions to Rupert Watts at the Unity Rally.

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