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AD ASTRA 2019 Film
  • Tagline: The Answers We Seek Are Just Outside Our Reach.

Records added in the last month
  • Historical Events
    • The Surge New record added 5/31/2021
      • A series of destructive electrical storms that wreaks havoc across the globe, originating from outer space.
  • Institutes
    • Grand Telescope Array New record added 5/31/2021
      • The moon's largest facility for extra-terrestrial research.
  • Military Bases
    • Vandersteen Base New record added 5/31/2021
      • Roy is called to Vandersteen Base by SPACECOM for a top secret meeting.
  • Natural Areas
    • No Man's Land New record added 5/31/2021
      • Disputed territory on the moon.
  • Space Stations
    • International Space Antenna New record added 5/31/2021
      • Roy falls from the International Space Antenna during the Surge.

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