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IRON FIST 2017 TV Series
  • Danny: Cut off the head, and the snake will die. (Season 1 episode Lead Horse Back to Stable)

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  • Quotes
    • Claire
      • Claire: Sweet Christmas. (Season 1 episode Immortal Emerges from Cave)
    • Danny
      • Danny: Nothing ends without a new beginning. Just as any start is, inevitably, a step towards an ending. It's like two sides of the same coin; there is a duality in everything. Night and day, war and peace, love and hate, rhythm and blues, me and you. But forces in opposition don't have to stay that way. It's like the yin-yang. It isn't meant to be a static symbol. Relationships are always in motion. We chase each other, challenge each other, inspire each other. Sometimes working together. Sometimes working against. Complementary forces, seeking a balance that may never come. (Season 2 episode A Duel of Iron)
      • Danny: Cut off the head, and the snake will die. (Season 1 episode Lead Horse Back to Stable)
    • Danny & Madame Gao
      • Danny: The Iron Fist accepts the challenge of the Grand Duel in the name of the holy city of K'un-Lun. My terms are that, upon my victory, the Hand will relinquish custody of the young woman Sabina and depart from Rand.
        Madame Gao: Welcome. My master agrees to your terms. Should you lose, but remain alive, you must remove yourself from all of our dealings.
        Danny: Agreed.
        (Season 1 episode Immortal Emerges from Cave)
    • Davos
      • Davos: When a feral dog is put down, do you call it murder? When a virus is flushed from the body, is that murder? Call it justice. (Season 2 episode The Dragon Dies at Dawn)
    • Madame Gao
      • Madame Gao: The frog in the well never understands the sea. (Season 1 episode The Mistress of All Agonies)

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