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Fictional business and products... and more
  • Antique Stores
    • Wag Lee's Antiques
      • Antique store where John steals the Chinese money, and the bracelet/temporal dislocator.
  • Banks
    • Bank Of Thames
      • Bank the Johnnys rob. Slogan: "Consider it sorted."
  • Bars and Night Clubs
    • Piss Chuggers
      • Damage asks Kelly out, wants to take her to a bar called Piss Chuggers.
  • Beauty and Barber Shops
    • Curl Up And Dye
      • Shelton's name for a hair salon.
  • Lodging-Inns
    • The Come Inn
      • Motel where Johnny and Kelly spend the night in the honeymoon suite.
  • Social Clubs
    • Mega Time Squad
      • Name Jonny gives his team of selves.
  • Time Travel
    • Time Locator
      • Bracelet that allows the user to travel backwards in a time several minutes - but beware, use it and the demon will consume you!

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