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2016 TV Series

Real dates. Fictional events.

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  • Trivia
    • OA. (Season 1 episode Empire of Light)
      •  Oracle Azarova
         Original Angel
         Overview Away

    • Q Symphony clue: Above the sea, below the stars. (Season 2 episode Angel of Death)
      •  PLANE

    • What three things emerge in dream data that only exist in a house on Nob Hill in San Francisco? (Season 2 episode Treasure Island)
      •  A tall circular spire, a series of Roman columns, and a multi-level underground basement
         A rose-stained glass window, a tunnel the size of a coffin, and a curved double-sided staircase
         A mahogany staircase, twin stained glass windows, and a retracted cellar

    • Hunter Percy, a.k.a. Hap's middle name. (Season 2 episode Treasure Island)
      •  Asher

    • What grunge band's song is the high school chorus singing when Steve pokes his head in the door of the practice session? (Season 1 episode Chapter 1: Homecoming)
      •  Alice in Chain's "Rooster"
         Pearl Jam's "Better Man"
         Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun"

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