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2011 Film

Real dates. Fictional events.
11 dates for year: 2011
    • 2011
      • July
        • July 23
          • Saturday night. Rick and Fred and their wives attend a ceremony where their friend Lucille receives a Person of the Year award.
        • July 24
          • Rick and Fred meet for coffee, where they check out the barista, Leigh. They also run into their friend Ed, learning that their wives have already RSVP'd to Ed's housewarming party next Saturday afternoon.
        • July 30
          • Saturday afternoon. Rick and Fred and their wives attend their friend Ed's housewarming party. Rick's wife Maggie gives him a hall pass.
        • July 31
          • Fred caught masturbating in his car by the police / his wife Grace gives him a hall pass.
      • August
        • August 1
          • Day 1. Rick and Fred and their friends go to Applebee's.
        • August 2
          • Day 2. Rick and Fred and their friends play golf and eat too many marijuana brownies.
        • August 3
          • Day 3. Rick and Fred's friends abandon them. Rick and Fred go to a bar called Johnny's Hideaway and hit on women. When that doesn't work, they get drunk. That doesn't work either.
        • August 4
          • Day 4. Rick and Fred sleep off their hangovers at the Comfy Nite Inn.
        • August 5
          • Day 5. Rick joins Leigh's gym - and falls asleep in the hot tub.
        • August 6
          • Day 6. Coakley takes Fred and Rick to a party. Rick's babysitter Paige's birthday.
        • August 7
          • Rick and Fred reunite with their wives.

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