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FOREVER 2018 TV Series
  • Marisol: June, sometimes the things you say are stupid, but I still enjoy them. (Season 1 episode Goodbye Forever)

Fictional business and products... and more
  • Apartment and Condos
    • Oceanside
      • A castle on the beach. (Season 1 episode Another Place)
  • Automotive Services
    • Justine's Park 'n Fill
      • Gas station where Kase teaches June how to juice Currents. (Season 1 episode Another Place)
  • Cafes and Delis
    • Hot Wings Cafe
      • Sarah tells Andre that he's in her phone as 'Hot Wings Cafe'. (Season 1 episode Andre and Sarah)
  • Churches, Religions and Religious Organizations
    • Holy Mount
      • June's friend's church. (Season 1 episode June)
  • Construction Companies
    • Waldgate Properties
      • Company where June applies for a new job. (Season 1 episode June)
  • Dentists
    • Oscar Hoffman D.D.S.
      • Oscar's Family Dentistry practice. (Season 1 episode Together Forever)
  • Lodging-Other
    • Deer Summit
      • Ski Lodge where Oscar and June go skiing - and Oscar dies. (Season 1 episode Together Forever)
  • Magazines-Other
    • Real Simple Magazine
      • Joke Oscar makes about why he never told June to load the dishwasher with the silverware tines up. (Season 1 episode Another Place)
  • Museums
    • The Bra Museum
      • Joke June makes to Kase when Kase is working on her giant superbra. (Season 1 episode Another Place)
  • Musicians
    • Gold Diamond
      • Mark has a crush on a girl he knows from high school. She was in a band called Gold Diamond. She had a leather jacket, and she smoked cigarettes behind the portables. (Season 1 episode Another Place)
  • Neighborhoods
    • Riverside
      • Neighborhood where the dead live. Apparently closed to the living due to a mold problem.
  • Office Products
    • 2019 Most Beautiful Bass Calendar
      • Calendar Oscar gets for free. (Season 1 episode Together Forever)
  • Parties
    • The Cleansing
      • Annual ritual where the residents of Oceanside burn all their belongings tuff on the beach. (Season 1 episode Goodbye Forever)
  • Realty Services
    • Sarah Lang Realty
      • Sarah's realty company. (Season 1 episode Andre and Sarah)
  • Recipes
    • Baked Poached Eggs
      • New egg dish Oscar comes up with for June. (Season 1 episode Another Place)
    • Oscar's Extra Special Mac And Cheese
      • Dish Oscar and June take over to Kase's house, served in the bad boy James dean bowl that June made. (Season 1 episode Kase)
  • Thoroughfares-Other
    • Canyon Crest
      • Road where Mark crashed his Camaro and died back when he was in high school. (Season 1 episode Another Place)

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