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1967 Literature

Real dates. Fictional events.
  • March 3, 2000
    • The spark that ignites what eventually becomes known as The Little War: "At 9:30 P.M. Common Standard Time, on Tuesday, March 3, in the year 2000, a seventeen-year-old from Charleston, Missouri, named Tommy Lee Cong don, was holding forth outside the Sheraton Bar. With firebrand intensity he called upon his youthful listeners to follow him in a march on the White House."

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  • Cities and Towns
    • Molly
      • Once queen city of the teeming sea. She took an age to build. She covered a hundred undersea miles. She provided living quarters and work space for twenty thousand technicians and their families - and she gave sustenance to a quarter of the world. She was a vast food-processing center sunk under a plasteel dome, and through her locks came subs and tenders, skimmers and harvesters. Molly showed the way. After her they built the Zuther-Notion, the Proteus and Manta City. But Molly was the queen.

  • Warden: Living's better than dying.

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