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THE MIST 2017 TV Series
  • Dr. Bailey: I worked with a patient, uh, Marvin. He was suffering from dementia. 30 seconds after I exposed him to the mist, I heard a shotgun blast, and his chest exploded. I removed shrapnel from his chest cavity. And yesterday, I worked with Pam. 30 seconds later, dogs appeared in the mist, her dogs. She was so happy to see them. Then they ate her. It reacts to us somehow on a physiological level. I just don't know how yet, but if I can find out, then I can save people.

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3 dates spanning 158 years: 1860-2017
  • 1860
    • May
      • May 17
        •  The Mist 2017 TV Series | Source Timeline
          Date on the Bridgeville Post that the Ravens research in the library about the Black Spring. Headline: "Wildlife descend from northern woods". Story highlights: "Six people were found dead, presumably killed by a bear. Other animals came down the mountain in large numbers, including moose and deer and foxes. Some locals fear it's a Black Spring, the legend of nature turning sour is evidenced by the frozen lake being black like a rotten tooth." (Pilot episode)
  • 1995
    • January
      • January 12
        •  The Mist 2017 TV Series | Source Timeline
          When Jonah Dixon / Bryan Hunt goes into the real Bryan Hunt's hospital room #237 (The Shining reference), the birthdate on Bryan Hunt's chart is listed as 1/12/1995. (Episode The Waiting Room)
  • 2017

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