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  • Juliette Jeanson: False love leaves me as I am. Time changes me and the person I love.

  • Juliette Jeanson: To define oneself in a word - not yet dead.

  • Narrator: Our thoughts are not the substance of reality, but its shadow.

  • Juliette Jeanson: Language is the house man lives in.

  • Christophe: I had a dream last night, you know. I was walking all alone at the edge of a cliff. The path was only wide enough for one person. Suddenly I saw two twins walking toward me. I wondered how they would get past. Suddenly one of the twins went towards the other and they became one person. And then I realized that these two people were North and South Vietnam being united.

  • Juliette Jeanson: Something may make me cry, but the reason for my tears is not contained in their traces on my cheeks. In other words, you can describe what happens when I do something, without necessarily indicating what makes me do it.

  • Juliette Jeanson: To define myself, one word - indifference.

  • Juliette Jeanson: I've changed and I'm still the same.

  • Juliette Jeanson: Thought meshes with reality or calls it into question.

  • Narrator: Where is the beginning? But what beginning? God created heaven and earth. But one should be able to put it better. To say that the limits of language, of my language, are those of the world, of my world, and that in speaking, I limit the world, I end it. And when mysterious, logical death abolishes those limits, there will be no question, no answer, just vagueness.

  • Juliette Jeanson: In my dreams I used to feel that I was being sucked into a huge hole. Now I feel I'm beng scattered in a thousand pieces. Before, even if it was a slow process, I would wake up all at once. Now I'm afraid there'll be pieces missing.

  • Narrator: What is art? Form becoming style; but the style is the man; therefore art is the humanizing of forms.

  • Juliette Jeanson: I know they're my eyes because I see with them. I know they're not my knees or whatever, because I've been told so. Suppose I hadn't been told. How would life be?

  • Narrator: There is increasing interaction between images and language. One might say that living in society today is almost like living in a vast comic strip.

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