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THIS IS 40 2012 Film
  • Nurse #1: Hi, sorry I just have one quick question. On your form you said you were born in 1974, but your paper said 1972. I just need to know which it is.
    Debbie: Oh. It's 1974.
    Nurse #2: Because on your last form you said that you were born in 1975.
    Dr. Pelligrino: Didn't you tell me you were born in 1976?
    Debbie: No. That's funny.
    Nurse #2: So you want to go with 1974?
    Debbie: I'm not going to "go” with 1974, it is 1974.
    Nurse #2: Okay. Just remember to write 1974 every time.
    Dr. Pelligrino: It's okay. It's 1976.
    Debbie: I lie about my age, okay?

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18 dates spanning 41 years: 1972-2012

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