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  • Airlines
    • Chopper
      • Helicopter service. "Your aeronautic limousine"
  • Banks
    • Union Calefia
      • Bank being robbed in opening scene. "The west coast's favorite bank"
  • Corporations
    • The Clearwater Corporation
      • Multi-national company behind water privatization in California.
    • Hotel Artemis Limited
      • Company that owns the Hotel Artemis.
  • Historical Events
    • The Clearwater Riots
      • The people of Los Angels rise up against the Clearwater corporation when they turn off water to the city.
  • Home Maintenance Services
    • Pacific Ocean Blue
      • Presumably a cleaning service, company name on uniforms in the opening scene bank robbery.
  • Hospitals
    • The Apache
      • Dark room (emergency room for criminals) in Las Vegas.
    • Hotel Artemis
      • Dark room (emergency room for criminals) in Los Angeles.
  • Manufacturing Companies
    • Covfefe
      • Manufacturer of a piece of electric equipment. (Russian word written in Cyrillic letters), reference to Donald Trump's mysterious tweet, "Despite the negative press covfefe"
  • Security Services
    • ProShield
      • Private Security service called in to contain the riot in Los Angeles. "Thirty-six hours ago, the Clearwater Corporation cut off the public water supply in greater Los Angeles. That has ignited the most violent riot in California history. Contractor ProShield has announced a mandatory curfew for all citizens of greater Los Angeles."
  • Substances
    • Yakutia Canaries
      • Yellow diamonds worth about 18 million.
  • Thoroughfares-Other
    • Olympus Way
      • Address of Hotel Artemis in Los Angeles.
  • Travel Agencies
    • Beverly Hills Travel
      • Presumably a travel agency, company name on bag in the opening scene bank robbery.
  • TV Stations-Numbers
    • KTEYE 12
      • TV station covering Clearwater Riots in Los Angeles.

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