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Fictional business and products... and more
  • Audio Recordings
    • Extractions
      • Recording made by Quinoa Valley Recording Company.
    • Repetico
      • Recording made by Quinoa Valley Recording Company.
  • Banks
    • Cerulean Credit Union
      • Kris' bank (CCU)
  • Buildings and Landmarks
    • The Palomar Building
      • The company Jeff works for - C&L Crowne - is in the Palomar Building.
  • Financial Services
    • C&L Crowne
      • The name of the company where Jeff works.
  • Movies-Science Fiction
    • A Topiary
      • The film that Kris is editing at the beginning of the movie is A Topiary, the film that Shane Carruth had begun production on before deciding to film Upstream Color instead.
  • Record Companies
    • Quinoa Valley Recording Company
      • The name of the sampler's company, a recording studio.

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