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  • Gayle: Do you know what's so nice about doctors?
    Dr. Bill Hartford: Usually a lot less than people imagine.
    Gayle: They always seem so knowledgeable.
    Dr. Bill Harford: Oh, they are very knowledgeable about all sorts of things.
    Gayle: But I bet they work too hard. Just think of all they miss.
    Dr. Bill Harford: You're probably right.

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  • Trivia
    • Actor that was originally cast to play the role of Victor Ziegler.
    •  Michael Caine
       Harvey Keitel
       Sydney Pollack
      • Author of novella Traumnovelle.
      •  Sigmund Freud
         Arthur C. Clarke
         Arthur Schnitzler
        • Book prominently displayed on the bookshelf in Domino's apartment.
        •  How to Win Friends and Influence People
           Introducing Sociology
           A Clockwork Orange
          • Drink Nick Nightingale orders at the Cafe Sonata.
          •  Bourbon on the Rocks
             Vodka and Tonic
            • Item Tom removes from the chest of drawers in the opening scene?
            •  A knife
               A wallet
               A handkerchief
              • The Nathansons' maid.
              •  Maria
                • Orgy password.
                •  Rhapsody
                  • Poet Sandor asks Alice if she has read.
                  •  Byron
                    • Sitcom star that portrays character Carl.
                    •  Eric McCormack (Will and Grace)
                       Matthew Perry (Friends)
                       Thomas Gibson (Dharma and Greg)
                      • Which character has no counterpart in the novella on which the film was based?
                      •  Nick Nightingale
                      • Trivia-Names
                        • The babysitter's name.
                        •  Wendy
                          • Name of the mansion where the orgy is held.
                          •  Somerton

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