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EXISTENZ 1999 Film
  • Allegra Geller: You have to play the game to find out why you're playing the game.

Fictional business and products... and more
  • Convenience Stores and Gas Stations
    • Country Gas Station
      • Geller discovers that her pod, which contains the only copy of eXistenZ, may have been damaged. Pikul reluctantly agrees to have a bio-port installed in his spine so they can test the integrity of the game together. Allegra takes him to a gas station run by a black-marketeer named Gas, who deliberately installs a faulty bio-port. He reveals his intention to kill Geller for the bounty on her head. Pikul kills Gas, and the two escape to a former ski lodge used by Kiri Vinokur, Geller's mentor. Vinokur and his assistant repair the damaged pod and give Pikul a new bio-port.
  • Farms
    • Trout Farm
      • Pikul and Allegra find themselves working in a Trout Farm, before being directed to eat lunch at the Chinese Restaurant while playing the eXistenZ video game.
  • Fast Food-Other
    • Perky Pat's
      • Allegra and Ted pick up fast food while they're on the run.
  • Restaurants-Asian
    • Chinese Restaurant
      • Chinese restaurant where Allegra and Pikul eat lunch when working at the Trout Farm while playing the eXistenZ video game. "Be sure to ask for 'the Special'... and don't take no for an answer."
  • Technology Companies
    • Antenna Research
      • Video game company that makes the new video game eXistenZ, designed by Allegra Geller.
    • Cortical Systematics
      • Video game company. "The latest and the hottest. Not just a new game, but a new system."
    • PilgrImage
      • Video game company, makers of TranCendenZ.
  • Video Game Arcades
    • Darcy Nader's Game Emporium
      • Geller and Pikul enter the game, and meet with D'Arcy Nader, a video game shop owner, who provides them with new "micro pods". They activate the new pods and enter a deeper layer of virtual reality.
  • Video Games
    • ArtGod
      • Video game designed by Allegra Geller that Gas mentions - her "very spiritual” game changed his life.
    • Attack Dog
      • Video game sold at Darcy Nader's Game Emporium.
    • Bass Fishin'
      • Video game sold at Darcy Nader's Game Emporium.
    • Chinese Restaurant (video game)
      • Video game sold at Darcy Nader's Game Emporium. "Will you make it out alive?"
    • eXistenZ
      • New video game from Antenna Research, designed by Allegra Geller.
    • Hit By Car
      • Video game sold at Darcy Nader's Game Emporium. "The game that puts you in the driver's seat"
    • The Micro-Pod
      • All new game technology by Corticle S Systematics. Comes with a stick of Meta-Lube.
    • transCendenZ
      • The video game they are actually playing, new from PilgrImage.

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