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  • Duke Silver (Ron Swanson): A smooth and silky evening to you all. On nights like this, when the cold winds blow, and the air is awash in the swirling eddies of our dreams, come with me and find safe haven in a warm bathtub full of my jazz. (Season 6 episode New Slogan)

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  • Trivia
    • According to Ron Swanson, the three most useless jobs in the world are, in order: (Season 6 episode Gin It Up!)
    •  President, Vice President and Speaker of the House
       Lawyer, Congressman and Doctor
       Police, Police and Police
      • According to Ron Swanson, what are his allergies? (Season 5 episode Animal Control)
      •  Dennis Feinstein
         Cowardice, weak-willed men and hazelnuts
         Fruit and bananas
        • According to Ron Swanson, what are his primary forms of exercise? (Season 5 episode Animal Control)
        •  Lovemaking and woodworking
           Grilling steaks
           Living and dying
          • Ron claims to have seen three movies in his life. What are they? (Season 5 episode Emergency Response)
          •  Lethal Weapon 1, Lethal Weapon 2 and Lethal Weapon 3
             Platoon, Death Wish and White Chicks
             Bridge on the River Kwai, Patton and Herbie Fully Loaded

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