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 Exact order 
 Exact order 
  • Sam Shakusky: Do not cross this stick.

Real dates. Fictional events.
7 dates spanning 2 years: 1964-1965
  • 1964
  • 1965
      • September 3
        •  Moonrise Kingdom 2012 Film | Source Timeline
          Sam Shakusky escapes from Camp Ivanhoe while Suzy Bishop runs away from Summer's End. The pair meet at their rendezvous, hike, camp, and fish in the wilderness. The Khaki Scouts discover Sam is missing. Scout Master Ward organizes a search party.
      • September 5
        •  Moonrise Kingdom 2012 Film | Source Timeline
          Sam Shukusky and Suzy Bishop get married in a non-legally binding ceremony at Fort Lebanon, shortly before the Khaki Scouts' Regional Hullabaloo is interrupted by the Black Beacon storm, considered by the US Department of Inclement Weather to be the region's most destructive meteorological event of the second half of the 20th century. It lingered through six high tides and inundated the islands with punishing winds and extreme high waters. On St. Jack Wood, powerful surges broke the arcade boardwalk and demolished the village bandstand and casino.
    • October

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