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S.F.W. 1994 Film
 Exact order 

Fictional business and products... and more
  • Audio Recordings-Music
    • S.F.W.: The Benefit Album
      • Product sold to help the hostages.
  • Beverages
    • Bullseye
      • Beverage product Cliff reminisces about drinking with his friend Joe that was killed by the terrorists.
  • Charities
    • Friends Of The Hostages
      • Charity formed to help the hostages.
  • Cities and Towns - U.S.
    • Silver Pond
      • City where Cliff lives.
  • Convenience Stores and Gas Stations
    • Fun Stop
      • Convenience store where the kids were held hostage.
  • Fast Food-Burgers
    • Burger Boy
      • Fast food joint where Cliff used to work.
  • Food
    • Casa Blanca Red-hot Been And Beef Burrito
      • Food product sold at the Fun Stop convenience store, eaten by the hostages.
    • Gumnuts
      • Food product sold at the Fun Stop convenience store, eaten by the hostages.
  • High Schools
    • Silver Pond High School
      • Cliff's high school.
  • Holidays
    • Clip Spab Day
      • New holiday after the hostage crisis.
  • Hospitals
    • East Hill Regional Medical Center
      • Hospital where Cliff was taken after the hostage crisis.
  • Magazines-Entertainment
    • Persons Weekly
      • S.F.W. version of People magazine.
  • Menu Items
    • Spab Burger
      • New menu item sold at Burger Boy after the hostage crisis.
  • Movies
    • The Clif Spab Story
      • TV Movie about the hostage crisis.
  • Neighborhoods
    • Madison Heights
      • Working class neighborhood.
    • Odell Park
      • Wealthy suburb.
  • Newspapers
    • Star Maker
      • Tabloid.
  • Terrorist Groups
    • S.P.L.I.T. Image
      • The name of the terrorist group responsible for the Fun Stop hostage crisis.

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