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THE VOICES 2014 Film

Real dates. Fictional events.

Fictional business and products... and more
  • Bars and Night Clubs
    • David's
      • "restaurant, cocktail & karaoke". Bar where Fiona goes instead of meeting Jerry for dinner.
  • Bowling Alleys
    • Milton Mellow Lanes
      • Bowling alley where Milton apparently rents an apartment.
  • Breakfast Cereal
    • Honeynut Crunchys
      • Breakfast cereal that Jerry eats - and feeds to Fiona's severed head.
  • Cities and Towns - U.S.
    • Milton, Michigan
      • "The Town of Industry". Home of Milton Fixture and Faucet International, the company where Jerry works. Zip code listed on noodle box in Jerry's refrigerator is 48039.
  • Counselors, Psychiatrists and Therapists
    • Dr. Warren
      • Jerry's psychiatrist.
  • Fast Food-Burgers
    • Doran's
      • "A terrible, cheap all night burger joint out by the county line" according to Fiona.
  • Hardware Stores
    • Busy Baron Hardware
      • Hardware store in Milton where Jerry buys tools too dismember Fiona's body.
  • Manufacturing Companies
    • Milton Fixture And Faucet International
      • The company where Jerry works.
  • Menu Items
    • Homemade Krunchy Choo Choo Burger
      • Burger for $6.99 that's advertised on table at restaurant where Jerry goes out for drinks with the girls from accounting.
  • Newspapers
    • Tri-State Herald
      • July 9th, 1997 Front Page: Boy Institutionalized After Mother's Death.
  • Pet Products
    • Country Style Good Boy Dog Food
      • No description available
    • Perfect Nutrition Cat Food
      • No description available
  • Police Departments
    • Milton County Sheriff
      • No description available
  • Restaurants-Asian
    • Noolong
      • The name of the restaurant on the box of noodles in Jerry's refrigerator.
    • Shi Shan China Restaurant
      • All you can eat buffet restaurant Jerry asks Fiona to go out to dinner with him. She stands him up to sing karaoke.
  • Thoroughfares-Streets
    • Douglas Street
      • Address of the Noolong restaurant.
    • Russel Street
      • 21 Russel Street is the address of Milton Fixture and Faucet International, the company where Jerry works.
  • TV Shows
    • CSI: Milton
      • Joke Jerry's cat Mr. Whiskers makes when he tells Jerry to go back for Fiona's body.
  • TV Shows-News
    • Action 1 News
      • A1N. Local news.

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