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  • Keith: Three favorite movies. Go.
    Robin: The Apartment, Hidden Fortress, Children of Paradise.
    Keith: You, go.
    Steve: Favorite movies?
    Keith: Did I stutter?
    Steve: Animal House, for sure.
    Keith: Eyes on me, Harrington.
    Steve: Star Wars.
    Keith: A New Hope?
    Steve: A new what now?
    Keith: Which Star Wars?
    Steve: The one with the teddy bears? No? Oh, the one that just came out, the one with the DeLorean and Alex P. Keaton, and he's trying to bang his mom, the Time, yeah, those are my top three. Classics.
    Keith (to Robin): You start Monday.
    Keith (To Steve): You start never.
    (Season 3 episode Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt)

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