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  • Trish: You clearly care about gluten very deeply. But here's the thing. It doesn't matter. Diets. Hair volume. Space-saving packing tips. None of it matters, when there's war, sex trafficking, elusive companies conducting illegal human research on kids, no less. I could go on. No, no, no, I will go on. Racism, global warming, child pornography, murder, poverty, true human suffering that too many people refuse to look at. Denial is a warm bed that no one wants to get out of, and Trish Talk is the comforter on that bed. I keep you complacent. I keep your eyes down. But you know what? This show is bullshit. I've been spouting bullshit. Wake up, people! Face the truth. Bad shit happens every day, and every single goddamn person has the power to do something about it. So do something! I'm going to. Starting with throwing off the covers and getting the hell off this shitty show. I quit.

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