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  • Academies
    • Explorers Academy
      • Weyland's alternative grad school for underprivileged college students interested in the fields of biotech, nanotech, cybernetics and terraforming.
  • Audiovisual Devices
    • Weyland Modular Computing Device
      • Invented in 2024 and perfected in 2073, the Weyland Modular Computing Device (WMCD) canould provide audio, visual and kinesthetic enhancement to any room in any location. The WMCD picked up live video feeds from a remote receiver and filled the aforementioned space with the sights and sounds of that environment in real-time. The WMCD could also recreate a full-surround environment of a specific location from any point in time for academic study or personal entertainment.
  • Charities
    • Little Explorers
      • A charity dedicated to the education of troubled middle school students interested in science and technology.
  • Colonies
    • Henri Gaston Colony
      • Location of Weyland New Products Testbed facilities.
    • Luther City
      • Heavy ore mining colony where Weyland develops the prototype of the IM 80 (Igneous/Metamorphic) Rock Processor.
  • Competitions
    • The Project Prometheus Training Center
      • As part of Weyland Corp's application process, applicants are observed by Andrea Bishop as they must unlock 5 tests to be recruited in Project Prometheus. The tests can be taken multiple times to increase the applicant's score advantage. (from the online HTML5 game featured on the official Prometheus website)
  • Corporations
    • Tyrell Corporation
      • In a message that accompanies the short film Happy Birthday, David on the Prometheus Blu-ray, Peter Weyland mentions the Tyrell Corporation and their replicants from Blade Runner.
    • Weyland Corporation
      • No description available
  • Electronics
    • Atmosphere Processor
      • This proprietary system creates a localized environment in the lowest atmospheric strata by mining the surrounding air and delivering electrostatic charge to correct the chemical composition of the planetary atmosphere. The system does this by converting toxic compounds into a breathable air ratio of approximately 1:3.1 oxygen-to-nitrogen ratio, depending on a colony's oxygen needs. Once stable equilibrium is achieved, the AP continually monitors environmental gas compositions and corrects imbalances. By-products can often be isolated and condensed for use as fuel sources, industrial cleaning supplies or raw materials for manufacturing.
    • Atmospheric Pressurizer
      • Sold exclusively in conjunction with Weyland Atmosphere Processors, the Atmospheric Pressurizer can create a locally adapted micro-pressurized environment to prevent injury, illness or discomfort on off-world colonies with either marginal or oppressive stratospheric hold. On most planets, a standard atmospheric pressure of approximately 1.0 atmosphere at sea level can be achieved, reducing the need for decompression treatments and additional medical personnel in the early stages of terraforming.
    • Bio-Replicator Pod
      • This remarkable device was introduced in 2058 for use by Weyland planetary engineers. However, recent advancements have made bio-replicator pods available to off-world civilians for home use. Each pod has a database of over 40 million seed varieties and plant DNAs. With the push of a button, it can replicate the requested sample. Growth rates are currently at about 55%, not factoring unsuitable planetary conditions for a given species. At 1 cubic foot in size, an array of thousands of bio-replicator pods can be outfitted to any seeder for industrial use. For household use, it is recommended to store bio-replicator pods outside the home.
    • IM 80
      • The IM 80 (Igneous/Metamorphic) Rock Processor is designed to improve the quality of life on off-world colonies with adverse indigenous terrain. Through high-powered mechanical disturbance and the introduction of proprietary enzymes, the IM 80 transforms inhospitable terra into fertile soil for use in agriculture and bio-replication. It can be operated by a 4-person crew of Weyland planetary engineers or trained civilian contractors. A prototype is currently undergoing practical trials on KOI-854.01 outside the heavy ore mining colony of Luther City.
    • Parameter Uplink Spectagraph
      • This next-generation device, used by Weyland geologists and engineers, surveyed unknown planetary terrain in the pre-terraforming process. An omni-directional laser live-mapped 3D topography and sent the detailed scanned images to the viewing platform. A hyper-conducting spherical shell allowed smooth, self-propelled flight in any atmosphere. Polymer film bio-sensors could detect airborne toxins and life forms down to 500 nanometers.
    • Synapse Reestablisher
      • Another remarkable technological feat from Weyland scientists, the Synapse Reestablisher, through precise, minute electrical innervation, awakens dormant neurons in the brain tissue of deceased or dying patients. This delicate technology is highly sensitive and restricted to a select group of doctors and scientists. The 9 existing Reestablishers have been in use for the past 2 years in medical schools and biotech research centers for experimental use only, pending FDA investigation.
  • Libraries
    • Sir Peter Weyland Memorial Library
      • Library in Washington, D.C.
  • Medical Devices
    • Anti-Gravity Recovery Chamber
      • Highly sophisticated technology used in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Research has shown that patients in anti-gravity conditions exhibit a 70% faster recovery rate from traumatic injury or disease. Weyland scientists designed a room-sized facility that simulates anti-gravity on a particulate level. Patients can receive the benefits of anti-gravity treatment while remaining comfortably in bed. This product is currently under limited release exclusively in major metropolitan areas on earth.
    • Hypersleep Chamber
      • The only product on the market capable of suspending the body's autonomic functions while maintaining the health of each individual cell during stasis. A Holographic display communicates with ship's mainframe to monitor metabolic conditions to suspend cell function. The hypersleep chambers can be programmed to initiate, maintain and terminate hypersleep stasis of human crew depending on length of mission and percent FTL travel. Zero-loss lithium ion batteries in a tertiary backup system support the chamber's function for up to 100 years in case of emergency.
    • MEDiC (Mobile External Diagnostics Center)
      • MEDiCs are a critical tool for any publicly occupied space or civilian home environment. MEDiCs provide peace of mind like never before. Simply open the wall-mounted case and remove the diagnostic vest. Once placed over the patient, MEDiC will determine the extent of all external damage, analyze blood samples, if present, and return results within minutes. Emergency personnel responding can immediately access the patient's information from MEDiC and relay it to nearby clinical facilities. MEDiCs can be administered by any adult citizen and have saved millions of lives.
    • Pauling MedPod 720i
      • This year, Weyland Industries introduced the FDA-approved MedPod 720i - our most advanced unit to date - which can diagnose, treat and perform a range of surgical procedures with ultra-fine laser incisions guided by 3D anatomical scanning. Procedures include everything from diagnosis and treatment of infection through concentrated antibiotic injections, basic wound repair, appendectomy, laparoscopic ablation and Cesarean section. At present, a dozen units have been manufactured and deployed in the field by Weyland Industries for practical testing.
  • Moons
    • LV-223
      • One of three known moons of the gas giant Calpamos, located in Zeta2 Reticuli. The moon has a large system of mountains, deserts, and valleys.
  • News Articles
    • Prometheus: An Innovative New Technology for Interstellar Travel
      • Article published about Weyland Industries Prometheus Project.
  • Planets
    • Calpamos
      • Gas giant.
  • Power Supplies
    • RLF Reactor
      • One first-generation RL fusion generator can power 23 million households or 15 million businesses at an affordable price point with limited maintenance. Best suited for civilian power grids due to their size, Weyland RL fusion reactors generate steady Terawatt levels of power, without pulse, making power delivery more replete and efficient. Systems powered by Weyland RLF have blackout percentages at less than 0.01%.
    • Solstice Solar Array
      • Once Weyland's first enterprise as a fledgling corporation. Today, the Solstice is a best-selling product meeting over half the energy needs of colonies galaxy-wide. Fully-articulating, in-orbit solar arrays deliver uninterrupted, constantly renewable power. Our solar sensors are composed of thin film polymer with polycrystalline silicon distribution. The Solstice is the first and only orbiting solar array used today by the governments of the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and their colonies, largely serving military power needs due its unique flexibility in power delivery.
    • Toughened Ceramic Turbine
      • While still in the prototype stages, these 18-story turbines, constructed of rare iridium-silicon matrix interspersed with nanocomposite tougheners, have been shown to produce anti-3rd curvature leverage in the testing environment. This amount of power has never been seen before, and Weyland aeronautics engineers are researching a way to enhance SEV space travel performance and in-flight design, possibly eliminating the need for hypersleep in the future of FTL space travel.
    • Zero-loss Lithium Ion Batteries
      • Composed of traditional lithium with rare metal cathodes and nano-layered silicon anodes, Weyland's newest models of Lithium Ion Batteries have ultra-low internal resistance and zero memory loss. Zero-loss LIBs are used in everything from hypersleep chamber backup systems on deep space missions to classroom HoloTabs in Mumbai. The zero-loss battery system can be deposited on a single-layer graphene substrate, making portable power essentially invisible.
  • Prisons
    • HD 85512 B Class E Correctional Unit
      • Government contracted prison facility managed by Weyland Industries.
  • Products-Other
    • Power Loader
      • Since introduction, the power loader has improved workplace safety by 300% in off-world applications. Its low alloy steel exoskeleton is designed to withstand maximum compression stress, keeping the driver safe from external blows. Hydraulically stabilized legs give 3 tons of load lifting ability.
  • Programs and Projects
    • Project Prometheus
      • Weyland initiative to visit humanity's forerunners and creators, also known as "The Engineers".
  • Robot Models
    • David
      • Made commercially available for the first time in 2042, David Series 4 is eventually expected to improve work-flow and efficiency at offices and homes across the world.
    • Replicant
      • In a message that accompanies the short film Happy Birthday, David on the Prometheus Blu-ray, Peter Weyland mentions the Tyrell Corporation and their replicants from Blade Runner.
  • Robotics Companies
    • Weyland Cybernetics
      • Division of Weyland Industries.
  • Tactical Clothing Products
    • Advanced SE Suits
      • Used in exploration, reconnaissance and for tactical maneuverability in the field. Nano-reinforced composite helmet allows a 320° rotational field of vision with info display of vital stats, environmental conditions, communications systems and data analysis. Cadmium exoskeleton provides safety and stability over rough terrain. Iridium-coated, laser resistant light armor optional.
  • Technology Companies
    • Genentech
      • Biotech company that Weyland Industries acquires in 2026.
  • Vehicle Models - Cars and Trucks
    • ATV NR6
      • Two-person transport vehicle with 4-tread, track-belted wheels able to negotiate near-vertical terrain carrying small payload. With the NR6, Weyland planetary engineers are able to survey previously inaccessible areas of newly discovered proto-colonies. Vehicles reach top speeds of 88 mph in standard atmospheric pressure and gravitational pull. Variable-friction axes for front and rear wheels provide micro-torque gear adjustments for maximum safety and mobility across any foreign surface.
  • Vehicle Models - Other
    • RT Series Group Transport
      • One of our most popular and best-selling products. The RT Series Group Transport's shape-memory alloy wheel system has nano-reinforced hard-composite treads that resist temps up to 2000°F. Its ceramic gas turbine engine has .4 million pounds of thrust making its cargo weight virtually unlimited. With an 5.7 meter wheelbase, the personnel bay fits up to 20 occupants.
  • Vehicle Models - Space
    • Weyland FTL Lifeboat
      • Exclusively designed for FTL craft of a suitable size, this emergency sustaining pod is an embedded safety module comprised of 7 luxury-appointed rooms, complete with independent navigation and piloting controls. Reclaiming decontamination system allows one occupant 50 years of breathable air with or without hypersleep.
  • Vehicles-Space
    • Heliades
      • As the first-ever FTL space exploration vehicle, Heliades revolutionized the known galaxy. Dual FTL engines are driven by a 2.1 terrawatt RL fusion reactor. The ability to provide molecularly stable transport for ship components and human crew over light-years of space gives Weyland explorers, scientists and planetary engineers access to regions never before imagined. ICC-certified and compliant, our newest flagship model has a payload capacity of up to 9 megatonnes and a redesigned airframe and features a medical bay, lab facilities, and over a dozen HES-compatible chambers.
    • Prometheus
      • No description available
  • Weapons-Guns
    • Weyland Storm Rifle
      • Fabricated from heat-resistant micro-perforated titanium, the Storm weighs 1.3 kg when empty of ammunition. With unrivaled technology like satellite-guided target detection, the Storm can track and assess a threat at over 300 miles away. At close range, it fires 5.56 mm uranium carbide spin-stabilized rounds, through auto-adjusting crosshairs.

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