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Fictional business and products... and more

  • Animals/Creatures
    • Ass Blaster
      • A winged, predatory carnivore which uses a mixture of volatile chemicals in its nether regions to blast into the air and swoop down upon its victims. Ass Blasters carry eggs that hatch and become new graboids.
    • Grabber
      • Name given to the creatures that appear to be detached graboid tentacles.
    • Graboid
      • The Graboid is a vicious subterranean predator, about 30 feet in length with a semi-rigid internal structure. It senses its prey seismically, and employs three powerful, snake-like oral tentacles to ensnare its prey, and pull it into the Graboid's gullet.
    • Impundulu
      • South African version of the ass blasters, translated as Lightning Bird.
    • Inkanyamba
      • South African version of the graboids - unlike their North American counterparts, these can fly out of the ground.
    • Shrieker
      • Graboids give birth to three ugly spawn we call Shriekers. Short, squat, and blind bipedal bad boys that sense and hunt their prey using infrared sensors. These, in turn, give rise to the Ass Blaster.
  • Cities-Joke
    • Who-The-Hell-Cares, Nevada
      • Joke Travis makes at Burt's expense: I'm a big fan. You know, possibly your biggest. But the fact that you're out here in Who-The-Hell-Cares, Nevada, smokin' rattlesnake says something. You know what it says? It says you're underachieving big time, my man. You should be a global brand.
  • Cities-Other
    • Cradlestone
      • Located in Gauteng province, South Africa.
  • Cities-U.S.
    • Perfection, Nevada
      • Burt's home town, original setting of the Tremors setting.
  • Condiments
    • Burt's Bulls-eye Brand Cactus Juice Marinade
      • No description available
    • Burt's Bulls-eye Brand Prickly Pear Glaze
      • No description available
  • Conditions and Diseases
    • Getting Too Old for This Crap
      • Joke Travis makes after rescuing Burt from the lion cage: You're suffering from a mild case of heat exhaustionand a severe case of getting too old for this crap.
  • Doctors
    • Dr. Nandi Montabu
      • Veterinarian.
  • Food
    • Burt's Bulls-eye Brand Dehydrated Casserole
      • No description available
  • Government-Ministries
    • South African Wildlife Ministry
      • Also referred to as the South African Wildlife Federation.
  • Jewelry Stores
    • Cradlestone Gem Dealer
      • No description available
  • Menu Items
    • Ass Blaster Flambé
      • Joke Burt makes when blowing up a South African ass blaster.
  • Mixed Drinks
    • Courage
      • Drink that Lucia offers to Travis, which, according to Travis, tastes like cow piss.
  • Natural Areas
    • Cradlestone Reserve
      • No description available
  • Pet Services
    • Cradlestone Veterinary Clinic
      • No description available
  • TV Shows-Reality TV
    • The Real Housewives of Las Vegas
      • No description available
    • The Survivalist with Burt Gummer and Travis B. Welker
      • No description available
    • The Survivalist with Burt Gummer
      • No description available
  • Vehicles-Aircraft
    • War Hog
      • Helicopter.

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