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  • Animals/Creatures
    • Frost Beast
      • Giant creature unleashed by the Frost Giants on Thor and his friends on Jotunheim. Thor uses Mjolnir to kill it.
  • Armed Forces
    • S.H.I.E.L.D.
      • Government agency. S.H.I.E.L.D. sets up a temporary building around Thor's hammer Mjolnir, and later takes all of Jane Foster's research.
  • Artifacts
    • Casket of Ancient Winters
      • Enchanted container filled with frosty winds, visible in the Asgard weapons vault.
    • Eternal Flame
      • Mystical flame that cannot be extinguished, visible in the Asgard weapons vault.
    • Eye of Agamotto
      • Mystic artifact wielded by supreme sorcerers of Earth visible in the Asgard weapons vault.
    • Hofund
      • Also known as The Bifrost Sword, the Asgardian sword Heimdall uses to activate the switch that opens the Bifrost Bridge.
    • Infinity Gauntlet
      • A glove encrusted with infinity stones, visible in the Asgard weapons vault.
    • Infinity Stone
      • The Tesseract, containing the Space Stone, appears during Nick Fury's end credit scene.
    • Mjolnir
      • Odin: Thor Odinson, my heir, my first-born. So long entrusted with the mighty hammer, Mjolnir. Forged in the heart of a dying star. It's power has no equal! as a weapon to destroy, or as a tool to build. It is a fit companion for a King.
    • The Orb of Agamotto
      • The Orb of Agamotto can be seen among the treasures in Odin's treasure chamber.
    • Tablet of Life and Time
      • Mystic artifact that can extend one's lifetime, visible in the Asgard weapons vault.
    • Warlock's Eye
      • Mystic artifact that can control people's minds, visible in the Asgard weapons vault.
  • Cities-U.S.
    • Puente Antiguo, New Mexico
      • Town in New Mexico where Thor meets Jane and her scientist friends.
  • Diners
    • Isabel's Diner
      • Local diner in Puente Antiguo, New Mexico owned by Isabel Alvarez.
  • Doctors
    • Dr. Donald Blake
      • The Name on the fake ID that Dr. Selvig creates for Thor is Dr. Donald J. Blake, Thor's alter ego in Marvel Comics.
  • Furniture Stores
    • OK Furniture and Floor Covering Specialists
      • Furniture store in Puente Antiguo, New Mexico.
  • Hospitals
    • County Hospital
      • Hospital where Thor is taken after Jane hits him with the car in the in New Mexico desert.
  • Realms
    • Asgard
      • Thor's home world, also known as the realm eternal.
    • Jotunheim
      • Home of the Frost Giants, one of the Nine Realms. Thor, Loki and their friends venture there after the Frost Giants break into the weapons vault in Asgard.
    • The Nine Realms
      • Nine individual worlds overseen by Asgardian rule.
  • Theories
    • The Foster Theory
      • Jane Foster's theory regarding a gateway to another dimension.
  • Thoroughfares-Streets
    • Doberson Street
      • The Address on the fake ID that Dr. Selvig creates for Thor is Doberson Street in New York City.

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