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  • Michael: Maybe he's some animal that wasn't supposed to live. Could be a monkey or an orangutan.

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  • Trivia
    • After E.T. tosses the baseball back to him, Elliott runs inside and says, "Nobody go out there." Of course everyone does anyway. What do they decide it was?
    •  A cat
       The neighbor's dog
      • After Gertie and Michael see E.T. for the first time, what do they think he might be?
      •  Gertie says he's a lizard, and Michael thinks he might be a deformed kid
         Gertie calls him a pig, Michael suggests he's a monkey of some sort, like an orangutan
         Gertie thinks he's a gorilla, and Michael thinks he's a sloth
        • Elliott can't call his father and tell him about seeing something in the toolshed because...
        •  He's dead
           He wouldn't believe him
           He's in Mexico with Sally
          • Elliott explains the fish tank to E.T. "Fish eat the fish food, the shark eats the fish." Who eats the shark?
          •  Whales
            • Elliott shows E.T. which of his Star Wars action figures?
            •  Ewok, Chewbacca Greedo, Snaggletooth, Hammerhead, Bib Fortuna
               Greedo, Hammerhead, Walrus Man, Snaggletooth, Lando Calrissean, Boba Fett
               Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Yoda, Darth Vader, Lobot, Boba Fett
              • Elliott 's mother tells him, This isn't a room- this is... What?
              •  A disaster area
                 A construction site
                 An accident
                • The first time E.T. hides in the closet, what does Eliot offer him to get him to come out?
                •  a Dr. Pepper
                   a Coke
                   a Pepsi
                  • How does Elliott heat up his thermometer in order to get out of going to school?
                  •  He sticks it under a lamp
                     He sets it on top of the TV
                     He sticks it in the microwave
                    • Michael tells Elliott his friend got the high score on the video game Asteroids. What was the score?
                    •  81,000
                      • What does E.T. do with Elliott 's toy car?
                      •  Throws it on the floor
                         Tries to eat it
                         Makes the wheels spin
                        • What does the sign on the door to Eliot's room say?
                        •  Exit
                           Go Away
                          • What type of candy did Eliot use to lure E.T. inside?
                          •  Reese's Pieces
                             Gummy Bears
                            • What type of candy does Elliott endorse while he's showing E.T. around his room?
                            •  Reese's Pieces
                              • When Eliot runs outside to get the pizza from the delivery guy what DON'T his brother's friends tell him to get, even though they placed order already and Elliott can't change it?
                              •  Extra cheese
                                 Lots of sausage and pepperoni
                                 Everything but the little fishies
                              • Trivia-Numbers
                                • What is the number on Michael's football jersey?
                                •  46

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