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1965 Music

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  • Trivia
    • Jim's birth date.
      •  December 19, 1943
         December 25, 1943
         December 8, 1943

    • Song: The End. How long is the original version?
      •  13 minutes, 34 seconds
         11 minutes, 41 seconds
         10 minutes, 55 seconds

    • When was The Doors' album Waiting For The Sun originally released?
      •  December 1969
         January 1967
         July 1968

    • When was The Doors' album Strange Days originally released?
      •  January 1967
         October 1967
         May 1968

    • Where is Jim buried?
      •  Pere La-Chaise
         Highgate Cemetery
         Chivra Thilim

    • What band performs a cover version of the classic Doors song The End on the Doors tribute album Stoned Immaculate?
      •  Train
         Days of the New

    • Where was Jim born?
      •  Melbourne, Florida
         Tallahassee, Florida
         St. Petersburg, Florida

    • Song: The End. How long is the snake?
      •  12 inches
         7 miles
         Really, really long, baby

    • What is the name of the first Doors album?
      •  The Doors
         Waiting for the Sun
         Strange Days

    • Where did The Doors get their name?
      •  William Blake
         Aldous Huxley
         William Shakespeare

    • Robby Krieger has released a few solo albums since The Doors broke up. On one of these albums, he covered/remixed The Doors song Peace Frog. What did he call it?
      •  War Frog
         Peace Toad
         War Toad

    • When was The Doors' album The Soft Parade originally released?
      •  October 1968
         May 1967
         July 1969

    • What's the last line of The End?
      •  This is the end.
         It's hurts to set you free, but you'll never follow me
         The end of nights we tried to die

    • What year did Jim die?
      •  1969

    • Song: Land Ho! What is Jim going to do if he gets his hands on a dollar bill?
      •  Sit right down on the window sill
         Buy a bottle and drink his fill
         Find him a little lady to kill

    • What's the last line of Wild Child?
      •  You remember when we were in Africa?
         Better than all the rest
         Our love is beautiful

    • What is the recurring image of the Doors song Peace Frog?
      •  Skin

    • Who wrote the lyrics to Light My Fire?
      •  Robbie

    • Song: The End. What temperature is the snake's skin?
      •  Hot

    • Jim's middle name.
      •  Davis

    • Jim Morrison arrested in New Haven, Connecticut.
      •  12/10/68

    • Song: The End. Where does the killer go after going to the room where his sister lives?
      •  He pays a visit to his brother
         He walks on down the hall
         He comes to a door and he looks inside

    • When was The Doors' album LA Woman originally released?
      •  April 1971
         July 1968
         February 1969

    • Song: The Soft Parade. Who bought lunch?
      •  The dogs
         The horse
         The monk

    • The original version of the classic Doors song Break on Through (to the Other Side) was edited prior to release. What did Jim really sing instead of "She gets, she gets, she gets"?
      •  She gets high, she gets high, she gets high
         She gets rude, she gets nude, she gets plowed
         She gets it in, she gets it out, she gets it in

    • What's 'soft driven, slow and mad'?
      •  Texas Radio and the big beat
         The End of the Night
         The End

    • What epic Vietnam War movie featured The Doors' song The End?
      •  Born on the 4th of July
         Apocalypse Now
         Full Metal Jacket

    • The song Waiting for Sun appears on which Doors album?
      •  Morrison Hotel/Hard Rock Cafe
         Waiting for the Sun
         The Soft Parade

    • What was the first song Jim sang for Ray?
      •  The End
         End of the Night
         Moonlight Drive

    • What is the title of Ray Manzarek's autobiography?
      •  The End
         Light My Fire
         Break on Through

    • During which song does Jim claim, "I am the Lizard King. I can do anything."?
      •  Peace Frog
         Not to Touch the Earth
         Wild Child

    • What was the name of Ray's brother's band?
      •  Razorblade Suitcase
         Rick and the Ravens

    • When was The Doors' self-titled first album originally released?
      •  September 1969
         January 1967
         July 1971

    • Jim's answer to the question, How did you prepare for stardom?
      •  I stopped getting haircuts
         I started taking drugs
         I stepped forward, through the back door of the room

    • When was The Doors' album Morrison Hotel originally released?
      •  July 1968
         February 1970
         January 1968

    • Whose Daddy got drunk and left her no will?
      •  The L.A. Woman Sunday Afternoon
         Maggie McGill
         My Wild Love

    • What is the title of John Densmore's autobiography?
      •  End of the Night
         Break on Through
         Light My Fire

    • Which 2 songs on The Doors' first album were cover songs?
      •  Crystal Ship & Twentieth Century Fox
         Soul Kitchen & End of the Night
         Alabama Song & Back Door Man

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