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TAMMY 2014 Film

Fictional business and products... and more
  • Alcohol
    • Old Meerdink
      • The fake whiskey brand Tammy's funny old alcoholic grandmother drinks.
  • Beer
    • Enoclaf Lager
      • Fake beer brand Tammy's grandmother buys for the kids outside the convenience store.
  • Doctors
    • Dr. Lansing
      • Tammy's grandma's doctor.
  • Drug Dealers
    • Eugene Robinson
      • The neighborhood kid Tammy's grandma buys her oxycontin from.
  • Fast Food-Other
    • Topper Jack's
      • Fast food restaurant where Tammy works, gets fired, then robs.
  • Ice Cream and Yogurt Shops
    • Chilly Treats
      • Ice cream truck - driver slept with both Tammy and her grandma.
  • Menu Items
    • Backyard BBQ Burger
      • Menu item at Topper Jack's.
    • Tower Deluxe Burger
      • Menu item at Topper Jack's.
  • Pet Stores
    • Merlin's
      • Chain of pet food stores Tammy's grandma's cousin owns.
  • Restaurants-BBQ
    • Blue Post Bar-B-Que
      • Where Tammy and her grandma meet Earl and Bobby. The building where this scene was filmed is actually called Blue Post Billards - similar name, but it's not really a restaurant, but a pool hall.
  • Retirement Communities
    • Brookview Care Living
      • The "prison for old people" that Tammy's grandma ends up liking.
  • Vehicle Rental
    • Crawford's Beach Boat-n-Ski
      • Where Tammy rents the jet ski she breaks, her grandma buys and her grandma's cousin sets on fire in a Viking funeral.

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