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DOCTOR WHO 1963 TV Series
  • The Doctor: The universe is big. It's vast and complicated and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles. (Season 5, Episode 12)

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  • Trivia
    • After his trip through the TimeLash, which mythical Earth beast did the Doctor appear to become?
    •  BigFoot
       The Loch Ness Monster
       A Roswell Alien
      • The Celestial Toymaker makes the Doctor play what game?
      •  The MonoLogic Game
         The TriLogic Game
         The DiLogic Game
        • Dalek casings are called.
        •   Mark III travel machines
           Mark VII transporters
           Mark IX entropic annihilators
          • Daleks.
          •  Androids
             Ancient vampires encased in metal
             Genetically engineered mutants
            • The Doctor.
            •  Time Lord
               Time Zaar
               Time King
              • Episode Attack of the Cybermen. What did the Doctor take from the Policeman he fights in the sewer entrance?
              •  His Helmet
                 His Gun
                 His Truncheon
                • Episode BattleField. The inhabitants of the other dimension believe the Doctor to be what famous mythical wizard?
                •  The Wizard Of Oz
                  • Episode Black Orchid: What game does the Doctor play?
                  •  Football
                    • Episode Doctor Who: The Movie. What book is the Seventh Doctor reading when the movie starts?
                    •  The Time Machine
                       The War Of The Worlds
                       The Invisible Man
                      • Episode Doctor Who: The Movie. What is Bruce's occupation?
                      •  Paramedic
                        • Episode Doctor Who: The Movie. Where is the movie set?
                        •  San Francisco
                           Los Angeles
                           New York
                          • Episode Doctor Who: The Movie. Which race execute The Master?
                          •  The Autons
                             The Daleks
                             The Cybermen
                            • Episode GhostLight. Where is Reverend Matthews sent?
                            •  Java
                              • Episode The Three Doctors. What gift did the Time Lords bestow on The Doctor after he stops the menace of Omega?
                              •  A New Assistant
                                 A New Dematerialisation Circuit, and the Codes
                                 A New Smoking Jacket, and a cloak
                                • Episode The Trial Of A Time Lord. Whose robes is the Valeyard wearing when escaping?
                                •  The President
                                   Gold Usher
                                   The Keeper
                                  • Episode The Visitation. What historical event does the Doctor have a hand in starting?
                                  •  The Great Fire of London
                                     The Beheading of Mary Queen of Scots
                                     The English Civil War
                                    • First episode to show the exterior of the TARDIS materialize onscreen?
                                    •  The Dead Planet (also known as The Daleks)
                                       An Unearthly Child
                                       The Keys Of Marinus
                                      • The first episode to show the Police Box exterior in the Vortex.
                                      •  The Chase
                                         The Dalek's Masterplan
                                         The Dalek Invasion Of Earth
                                        • How does Mel avoid being destroyed in one of The Rani's bouncing bombs?
                                        •  Her screams deactivate it.
                                           She teleports away from it.
                                           It lands on water.
                                          • The opera that Grace is watching when she's called to operate on The Doctor?
                                          •  Madam Butterfly
                                             Marriage Of Figaro
                                             La Boheme
                                            • Peri studied what?
                                            •  Cartography
                                               Marine Biology
                                              • Sil comes from what planet?
                                              •  Thoros Beta
                                                 Omicron III
                                                • The TARDIS materializes on it's side in which Second Doctor episode?
                                                •  The Evil Of The Daleks
                                                   The Power Of The Daleks
                                                   The Ice Warriors
                                                  • What color were the Axons when they first appeared to man?
                                                  •  Silver
                                                    • What does Turlough do when the TARDIS crew visits the Eye Of Orion?
                                                    •  Sketches a Picture
                                                       Meets A Girl
                                                       Starts a War
                                                      • When the Doctor takes the clothes from the orderlies locker, which famous American gunslinger was at the party?
                                                      •  Wild Bill Hickock
                                                         Jessie James
                                                         Wyatt Earp
                                                        • Where was Victoria said to be during the Second Doctor's encounter with The Sixth Doctor?
                                                        •  In the Bath
                                                           At the Beach
                                                           At the Library
                                                          • Which of the Fifth Doctors assistants described herself as "Just A Mouth On Legs"?
                                                          •  Tegan
                                                            • Which Second Doctor story takes place on the planet Vulcan?
                                                            •  The Ice Warriors
                                                               The Power Of The Daleks
                                                               The Evil Of The Daleks
                                                              • Who was killed when The Doctor's companions threw Cocktail Polly on them?
                                                              •  The Daleks
                                                                 The Yeti
                                                                 The Cybermen
                                                                • Who was responsible for Adric's death?
                                                                •  The Daleks
                                                                   The Terrileptiles
                                                                   The Cybermen
                                                                  • Who was the first member of the Doctor's race seen on screen, screen other than the TARDIS crew?
                                                                  •  The Rani
                                                                     The Monk
                                                                     The Master
                                                                    • Who was the psychopathic, candy-obsessed android Kandyman's boss?
                                                                    •  Daisy K
                                                                       Helen A
                                                                       Susie Q
                                                                    • Trivia-Episodes
                                                                      • The Doctor and UNIT capture the Master in what episode?
                                                                      •  The Daemons
                                                                         The Green Death
                                                                      • Trivia-Names
                                                                        • Episode Delta & The Banner Men. What is the name of the 50's holiday camp?
                                                                        •  The Shady Palm
                                                                           The Lost World
                                                                           Shangri La
                                                                          • Episode Enlightenment. What is the name of Captain Wrack's ship?
                                                                          •  The Saucy Mare
                                                                             The Black Pig
                                                                             The Shadow
                                                                            • Episode Remembrance Of The Daleks. What's the Stellar Manipulator's nickname.
                                                                            •  The Brain of Zeta
                                                                               The Hand of Omega
                                                                               The Mind of Alpha
                                                                              • What is the Doctor's true name?
                                                                              •  It cannot be told.
                                                                                 It cannot be remembered.
                                                                                 It cannot be pronounced.
                                                                                • What was the name of the final story to feature William Hartnell regularly as The Doctor?
                                                                                •  The Ninth Planet
                                                                                   The Tenth Planet
                                                                                   The Eighth Planet

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