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  • Plenty O'Toole: You handle those cubes like a monkey handles coconuts.

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  • Trivia
    • Actress Jill St. John was originally cast in what role, instead of Tiffany Case?
    •  Miss Moneypenny
       Plenty O'Toole
      • Blofeld's base of operations.
      •  The Circus Circus casino in Las Vegas
         An oil platform off the coast of Baja California
         Diamond mine in South Africa
        • The character Willard Whyte was loosely based on whom?
        •  Howard Hughes
           Stephen Hawking
           Donald Trump
          • How does James Bond escape from Whyte's research laboratory?
          •  He borrows an airplane
             He buys a submarine
             He steals a moon buggy
            • James Bond and Tiffany Case go to Los Angeles, smuggling the diamonds inside what?
            •  Stand-up comedian Shady Tree's trombone case
               Professional smuggler and assassin Peter Franks corpse
               A giant birthday cake made for the governor of California
              • James Bond kills a Blofeld look-alike test subject by...
              •  Drowning him in a pool of superheated mud
                 Cutting him in half with a laser beam
                 Shooting him in the face
                • James Bond played by whom?
                •  George Lazenby
                   Roger Moore
                    Sean Connery
                  • James Bond's CIA ally?
                  •  Shady Tree
                     Felix Leiter
                     Plenty O'Toole
                    • James instructs Tiffany Case to retrieve the real diamonds from what casino?
                    •  The Flamingo
                       Circus Circus
                       MGM Grand
                      • Shady Tree.
                      •  A movie star and assassin
                         A stand-up comedian and smuggler.
                         A talk show host and thief
                        • Shirley Bassey sang the title song for three James Bond movies, including this one. Which of the following films did she NOT sing the title song for?
                        •  The World is Not Enough
                          • What future Rob Zombie film star portrayed an attendant at the funeral home Slumber Incorporated?
                          •  William Forsythe
                             Bill Moseley
                             Sid Haig
                            • What was Blofeld's get-away sub called?
                            •  Aqua-sphere II
                               The Aqua-racer
                              • Where does James Bond meet the opportunistic Plenty O'Toole in the casino?
                              •  Near the slot machines
                                 At the craps table
                                 In the men's restroom
                                • Which of the following is NOT an assassin in the movie?
                                •  Mr. Mann
                                   Mr. Wint
                                   Mr. Kidd
                                  • Who sang the title song?
                                  •  Sheena Easton
                                     Shirley Bassey
                                     Tina Turner
                                    • Year the original novel was published.
                                    •  1958
                                    • Trivia-Names
                                      • The name of the funeral home.
                                      •  Final Peace Co.
                                         Slumber Incorporated
                                         Eternal Rest, LLC
                                        • The names of Blofeld's bodyguard - the two athletic women.
                                        •  Pongo and Perdita
                                           Bambi and Thumper
                                           Dinky and Boomer
                                          • What is the name of Goldfinger's plan to rob Fort Knox?
                                          •  Operation Home Run
                                             Operation Base Hit
                                             Operation Grand Slam

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