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GOD'S POCKET 2014 Film

Fictional business and products... and more
  • Bars and Night Clubs
    • Hollywood Bar
      • This is the sleazy bar in the God's Pocket working class area of Philadelphia owned by Peter Gerety's character, where the movie's characters hang out and where the journalist who has denigrated them is mobbed and killed.
  • Flower Shops
    • Mickey's Flower Shop
      • This is the shop owned by John Turturro's character where his wife shoots and kills two would-be goons wanting to take out Turturro for skipping on a gambling debt.
  • Meat
    • Scarpato's Meats
      • This is the one-man butcher business owned by Phillip Seymour's character and whose reefer truck crashes with Seymour's step son's body ending up on the pavement.

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