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DARK CITY 1998 Film
  • Dr. Schreber: First came darkness, then came the strangers.

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  • Quotes
    • Dr. Schreber
      • Dr. Schreber: You are probably wondering why I keep appearing in your memories, John. It is because I have inserted myself into them.
      • Dr. Schreber: First came darkness, then came the strangers.
    • John Murdoch
      • John Murdoch: When was the last time you remember doing something during the day? And I'm not talking about some half-forgotten childhood memory, I mean like yesterday. Last week.
    • John Murdoch & May
      • John Murdoch: I was just thinking, what you do seems kind of dangerous right now. I mean, how do you know I'm not the killer?
        May: I don't. Why, you feeling any urges I should know about?
    • Mr. Hand
      • Mr. Hand: I have become the monster you were intended to be.
    • Mr. Wall & Emma Murdoch
      • Mr. Wall: Do not fret, Anna. I will give you some more pretty things soon.
        Emma Murdoch: I'm not Anna.
        Mr. Wall: You will be soon, yes.
    • Stranger
      • Stranger: It seems you have discovered your unpleasant nature.

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