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THE FALLS 1980 Film

Fictional business and products... and more
  • Banks
    • BFI
      • Also known as Bird Facilities Investments, financial services company.
  • Government Agencies
    • VUE Directory Commission
      • Government agency created to investigate the Violent Unknown Event.
  • Historical Events
    • VUE
      • Also known as Violent Unknown Event. A mysterious incident which killed many people and left a great many survivors suffering from a common set of symptoms, including mysterious ailments, dreams of water, obsessions with birds and immortality.
  • Radio Stations
    • WSPB
      • No description available
  • Trivia
    • Who could spit thirty yards?
    •  Romanese Fallracce
       Vacete Fallbutus
       Appropinquo Fallcatti

      • Who drove a stolen car around the traffic island in the centre of Abersoch until the petrol ran out?
      •  Catch-Hanger Fallcaster
         Agostina Fallmutt
         Afracious Fallows

        • Who is also known as Cissie Colpitts?
        •  Stephany Falltrix
           Propine Fallax
           Edio Fallenby

          • Who shares a physical resemblance with Tulse Luper?
          •  Bewick Fallcaster
             Shey Fallenby
             Cash Fallaxy

            • Who tarred out the white patches on his herd of dairy cows?
            •  Pandist Fallapsy
               David Fallcash
               Raskado Fallcastle

              • Who was the third Custodian of the Boulder Orchard?
              •  Rapper Begol
                 Catuso Phelpis
                 Allia Fallanx

                • Who was killed after being run over by an electioneering van?
                •  Merriam Falltrick
                   Tolley Falluger
                   Vyanine Fallaspy

                  • Who flew three hundred and ten meters at an open-air concert in Phoenix, Arizona?
                  •  Cisgattern Fallbazz
                     Allia Fallanx
                     Armeror Fallstag

                    • Who broke his neck while flying with a flock of terns?
                    •  Coppice Fallbatteo
                       Hearty Fallparco
                       Castel Fallboys

                      • the Fallari Twins climb which structure?
                      •  Munich Metropol
                         Berlin Museum of Art
                         Cologne Cathedral

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