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  • Charlie Meadows: I could tell you stories to curl your hair, but it looks like you've already heard 'em.

  • Charlie Meadows: Come on, Barton. You think you know pain? You think I made your life Hell? Look around this dump. You're just a tourist with a typewriter. I live here. Don't you understand that? And you come into my home... and you complain... that I'm making too much noise.

  • Charlie Meadows: What a day. Felt like I couldn't sell ice water in the Sahara.

  • Charlie Meadows: Yeah... Ladies do ask for attention. In my experience, they pretend to give it, but it's generally a smokescreen for demanding it back with interest.

  • Barton Fink: I gotta tell you, the life of the mind... There's no roadmap for that territory... And exploring it can be painful.

  • Charlie Meadows: Well, I could really tell you some stories.

  • Charlie Meadows: I sure do forget myself sometimes.

  • Charlie Meadows: Look upon me! I'll show you the life of the mind!

  • Charlie Meadows: Heil Hitler.

  • Charlie Meadows: Sometimes it gets so hot I want to crawl right out of my skin.

  • Jack Lipnick: We're all expecting great things.

  • Charlie Meadows: The doctor, what's he gonna tell me? Can't trade my head in for a new one.

  • Barton Fink: I've always found that writing comes from a great inner pain.

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