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  • Kimara Cretak: My people have a reputation for arrogance. I'm afraid it's well earned. (Season 7 Image in the Sand)

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  • Trivia
    • According to Lwaxana Troi, Betazeds cannot read what race? (Season 1 episode The Forsaken)
    •  Klingon
      • How does Arissa compliment Odo the first time they meet? (Season 5 episode A Simple Investigation)
      •  She tells him that he could set the room on fire with a glance.
         She tells him that he has bedroom eyes.
         She tells him he has the confidence of an Andorian Bull
        • New advertising slogan that Quark - disguised as female Lumba - suggests for Slug-O-Cola. (Season 6 episode Profit and Lace)
        •  Drink Slug-O-Cola, the slimiest cola in the galaxy.
           Drink Slug-O-Cola, or else.
           Drink Slug-O-Cola, and keep your teeth that lovely shade of green.
          • Slug-O-Cola's longstanding advertising slogan. (Season 6 episode Profit and Lace)
          •  Drink Slug-O-Cola, or else.
             Drink Slug-O-Cola, and keep your teeth that lovely shade of green.
             Drink Slug-O-Cola, the slimiest cola in the galaxy.
            • What does the Bashir's figment of imagination version of Dax call the real Dax? (Season 1 episode If Wishes Were Horses)
            •  A hot mess
               A cold fish
               A lukewarm lover
              • What is Odo's blood type after the Founders turn him into a human being? (Season 4 episode Broken Link)
              •  Type A
                 Type B
                 Type O Negative
                • Where did Sisko meet his wife Jennifer for the first time - a memory he revisits thanks to the Prophets? (Season 1 episode Emissary)
                •  Rockaway Beach
                   Coney Island
                   Gilgo Beach
                  • Where does Keiko's mother live? (Season 1 episode Emissary)
                  •  Kumamoto
                    • Which Mike Hammer mystery does Odo recommend to Kira? (Season 7 episode Shadows and Symbols)
                    •  Vengeance is Mine
                       Kiss Me, Deadly
                       My Gun is Quick
                    • Trivia-Names
                      • Bashir's childhood teddy-bear - and first patient. (Season 4 episode The Quickening)
                      •  Chewbacca
                        • Gul Dukat's son's name. (Season 3 episode Defiant)
                        •  Dafur
                          • Julian Bashir's middle name. (Season 2 episode The Wire)
                          •  Subatoi
                            • The leader of the low level Orion Syndicate gang that Miles infiltrates Bilby's cat's name. (Season 6 episode Honor Among Thieves)
                            •  Questor
                              • Miles and Keiko plan to name their son Sean. Odo mentions that in Bajoran, Sean means? (Season 5 episode Let He Who is Without Sin...)
                              •  Swamp
                                • What does Odo's name mean? (Season 7 episode Chimera)
                                •  Changeable
                                   Unknown sample
                                  • What does Odo's new metamorph/changeling friend Laas' name mean? (Season 7 episode Chimera)
                                  •  Anything
                                     Unknown sample
                                    • What's Jake's baseball nickname? (Season 7 episode Take Me Out to the Holo-Suite)
                                    •  Jake "the Fastball"
                                       Jake "the Slider" Sisko
                                       Jake "the Spitball"
                                    • Trivia-Numbers
                                      • According to the agents from the Department of Temporal Investigations, James T. Kirk had how many separate temporal violations? (Season 5 episode Trials and Tribble-ations)
                                      •  21
                                        • How many brothers and sisters does Morn have? (Season 4 episode Starship Down)
                                        •  27
                                          • How many residents of Deep Space Nine, according to Miles when he's giving Tosk a tour of the station? (Season 1 episode Captive Pursuit)
                                          •  600

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