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  • Danny Torrance: Tony is a little boy that lives in my mouth.

  • Dick Hallorann: Some places are like people: some shine and some don't.

  • Danny Torrance: Redrum! Redrum! Redrum!

  • Jack Torrance: Wendy, darling, light of my life! I'm not gonna hurt you. You didn't let me finish my sentence. I said, I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm just gonna bash your brains in. I'm gonna bash 'em right the fuck in!

  • Dick Hallorann: Well, you know, Doc, when something happens, you can leave a trace of itself behind. Say like, if someone burns toast. Well, maybe things that happen leave other kinds of traces behind. Not things that anyone can notice, but things that people who 'shine' can see. Just like they can see things that haven't happened yet. Well, sometimes they can see things that happened a long time ago. I think a lot of things happened right here in this particular hotel over the years. And not all of 'em was good.

  • Jack Torrance: Things could be better, Lloyd. Things could be a whole lot better.

  • Delbert Grady: My girls, sir, they didn't care for the Overlook at first. One of them actually stole a pack of matches and tried to burn it down. But I corrected them, sir. And when my wife tried to prevent me from doing my duty, I corrected her.

  • Jack Torrance: Have ever had any single moment's thought about my responsibilities? To my employers? Has it ever occurred to you that I have agreed to look after the Overlook until May the first! Does it matter to you at all that the owners have put their complete confidence and trust in me that I have signed an agreement, a contract, in which I have accepted that responsibility?

  • Jack Torrance: See, it's okay. He saw it on the television.

  • Lloyd: Women. Can't live with them, can't live without them.

  • Dick Hallorann: I can remember when I was a little boy. My grandmother and I could hold conversations entirely without ever opening our mouths. She called it 'shining.' And for a long time, I thought it was just the two of us that had the shine to us. Just like you probably thought you was the only one. But there are other folks, though mostly they don't know it, or don't believe it.

  • Jack Torrance: The most terrible nightmare I ever had. It's the most horrible dream I ever had.

  • Jack Torrance: Here's Johnny!


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