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2003 TV Series

Real dates. Fictional events.

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  • Tobias: And maybe you don't want to get hurt because, as I say, hurt people hurt people. (Season 5 episode Self-Deportation)

  • Lucille: You know our family motto. We forget, but we never forgive.
    Michael: I remember the framed needlepoint.
    (Season 5 episode Everyone Gets Atrophy)

  • GOB: Hey, there. Friend of mine left me a note, um, in my handwriting, and he said that you might be able to set me up with the pill that makes the memories go away, like a like a shame-wow. See, I did something a little out of character. And, um, the window's kind of closing in on, you know, before it lodges in the long-term, um, what do you call it? Um, What do you call it? Brains. Long-term brains. (Season 5 episode Family Leave)

  • George Michael: Who were those scary, handsome Mexicans on those magical horses? They just looked like old white men to me. (Season 5 episode Self-Deportation)

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