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  • Walt Disney: Imagination has created this world.

  • Walt Disney: Imagination is greater than knowledge.

  • Walt Disney: Imagination has created this world.

  • Trivia
    • Mickey was featured as a comic strip character beginning in what year?
    •  1930

      • How many animated Oswald the Lucky Rabbit one-reelers were produced at the Walt Disney Studio?
      •  27

        • Mickey Mouse was created as a replacement for what prior Disney character?
        •  Rufus the Lucky Dog
           Freddie the Fancy Free Fox
           Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

          • Cartoon featuring the first creation of the character Mickey Mouse.
          •  Plane Crazy
             The Barn Dance
             Steamboat Willie

            • Mickey Mouse's original name.
            •  Mortimer

              • The third of Mickey Mouse's films to be produced, but the first to be distributed.
              •  The Gallopin' Gaucho
                 Plane Crazy
                 Steamboat Willie

                • Originally founded under what name?
                •  Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio
                   Disney Animation Pictures
                   Disney Family Productions

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