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2001 Animated Film

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  • Trivia
    • What is Sulley's full name?
      •  Oliver B. Sullen
         Henry Q. Sullenburger
         James P. Sullivan

    • Henry J. Waternoose says the Waternooses have been in control of Monsters, Inc. for how many generations?
      •  3

    • Who provides the voice of the Yeti when Mike & Sully are banished from Monstropolis?
      •  Steve Susskind
         Steve Buscemi
         John Ratzenberger

    • Why did Sully NOT want his best friend to take his car to work?
      •  The lack of energy in city
         Too much traffic
         He didn't want his car to get dirty

    • The legendary actor/director Frank Oz provided the voice of which monster?
      •  Fungus

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