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 Exact order 
  • Ursus: He bleeds! The Lawgiver bleeds!

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  • Cities and Towns
    • Ape City
      • Brent refers to the apes' city as Ape City.
  • Government Agencies
    • Citizens Council
      • Government of the Ape City.
  • Museums
    • The Zaius Museum
      • Museum in Ape City.
  • Natural Areas
    • The Forbidden Zone
      • Natural area that has been off limits to apes for centuries. Where Taylor disappeared.
  • Dr. Zira: Gorillas are cruel because they're stupid! All bone and no brain!

  • Dr. Zaius: You ask me to help you? Man is evil! Capable of nothing but destruction!

  • Cornelius: They will dissect you! And they will kill you! In that order!

  • Taylor: It's doomsday - end of the world. You bloody bastard.

  • Ursus: He bleeds! The Lawgiver bleeds!

  • Ursus: What is more dangerous than famine, Doctor
    Dr. Zaius: The unknown.

  • Dr. Zaius: Someone, or something, has outwitted the intelligence of the gorillas.
    Dr. Zira: That shouldn't be difficult.

  • Cornelius: If you are caught by the gorillas, you must remember one thing.
    John Brent: What's that?
    Cornelius: Never to speak!
    John Brent: What the hell would I have to say to a gorilla?

  • Ursus: The only good human. is a DEAD human!

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