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1993 TV Series

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  • Trivia
    • Chris Carter has cited what TV show as an influence on the relationship between Mulder and Scully?
      •  Cheers
         All in the Family

    • How many times has Mulder seen Ed Wood's Plan 9 from Outer Space?
      •  50

    • What does Mulder give back to Scully at the end of the episode? (Season 2 episode One Breath)
      •  Her cross
         Her dog
         Her keychain.

    • Origin of "Mulder".
      •  Dutch football midfielder Bob Mulder
         David Duchovny's college professor
         Chris Carter's mother's maiden name

    • Character that controls the Syndicate.
      •  Diana Fowley
         Conrad Strughold
         Scott Blevins

    • Who killed Dana Scully's sister, Melissa Scully, in a case of mistaken identity?
      •  Luis Cardinal
         Conrad Strughold
         Alex Krycek

    • In which episode do the Lone Gunmen appear for the first time?
      •  The Erlenmeyer Flask
         Little Green Men

    • Mulder's middle name, also creator Chris Carter's father's name.
      •  Wyatt

    • Scully's nickname for her father.
      •  Starbuck
         Captain Ahab

    • What was the name of the box that Gillian Anderson would stand on due to the height difference between her and David Duchovny?
      •  The Scully Raiser
         The Gilly Board
         The Anderson Lift

    • What real-life author's name was used as the name of a Senator in multiple episodes?
      •  Richard Matheson
         Stephen King
         Anne Rice

    • What brand of cigarettes does the Cigarette Smoking Man smoke?
      •  Capitol W Lights

    • What does Scully throw in Agent John Doggett's face the first time they meet?
      •  A crumpled photo of Mulder
         Cold water
         An old newspaper

    • William B. Davis, who plays the Cigarette Smoking Man, was actually the acting teacher?
      •  Karl Urban
         Lucy Lawless
         Renee O'Connor

    • The elephant. (Season 2 episode Fearful Symmetry)
      •  Ganesha

    • Mulder's Native American guide.
      •  Albert Hosteen
         Chief Joseph

    • Mulder's mother's first name.
      •  Leesa

    • The Well-Manicured Man's vaccine is tested on?
      •  Marita Covarrubias
         Bill Mulder
         Alex Krycek

    • Tom Colton's nickname for Scully. (Season 1 episode Squeeze)
      •  Mrs. Spooky
         Iron Maiden
         Scary Dairy Queen

    • Mulder's nickname.
      •  Spooky

    • According to Alvin Kurtzweil, which federal agency is "the Secret Government"?
      •  CIA

    • Title of Scully doctoral thesis?
      •  Abstract Thought and Meditation: A New Analysis
         Einstein's Twin Paradox: A New Interpretation
         Revisiting Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion

    • In which Season 1 episode does actor Nicholas Lea appear as a different minor character before becoming recurring character Alex Krycek?
      •  Gender Bender

    • How much older than David Duchovny is Rebecca Toolan, who plays Fox Mulder's mother?
      •  1 year
         10 years
         5 years

    • Scully's dog's name.
      •  Captain Ahab

    • Snack food that Mulder is fond of?
      •  Pork rinds
         Sunflower seeds

    • Scully's godson.
      •  Ross

    • Origin of "Scully".
      •  Sports journalist Vin Scully
         Fictional M*A*S*H character Sgt. Jack Scully
         Ufologist Frank Scully

    • Scully's daughter.
      •  Ellen

    • Scully's sister's name.
      •  Mallory

    • What is the password for Mulder's computer? (Season 2 episode Little Green Men)
      •  Ten13

    • What is Agent Mulder's badge number?
      •  JTT047101111

    • Scully's father's nickname for her.
      •  Starbuck
         Captain Ahab

    • In which episode does Walter Skinner appears for the first time?
      •  Pilot
         Born Again

    • Whose last words were "Trust no one"?
      •  Mr. X
         Deep Throat
         Cigarette Smoking Man

    • What is the title of the movie that Gary Shandling stars in as Mulder?
      •  Fight the Future
         The Lazarus Bowl
         The Last Stand

    • Which episode serves as the origin story for the Lone Gunmen?
      •  Sleepless
         The Calusari
         Unusual Suspects

    • What is Mulder's apartment number
      •  42

    • Which episode is the debut of X?
      •  The Host
         This is Not Happening

    • Scully's nickname for Langly? (Season 6 episode Three of a Kind)
      •  Sexy

    • Scully's middle name, also creator Chris Carter's mother's name.
      •  Kelly

    • In which episode does Mr. X appear for the first time?
      •  Sleepless
         Little Green Men

    • What song does Duane Barry listen to as he drives Scully to Skyland mountain to be abducted?
      •  Unmarked Helicopters
         Red Right Hand
         The Hunter


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