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THE TICK 1994 Animated Series
  • The Tick: Don't ever try to swim against the mighty tide of justice.

Fictional business and products... and more
  • Trivia
    • Arthur's boss thinks he's dressed up like?
    •  A moth
       A butterfly
       A bunny
      • How do the Idea Men escape from the bank?
      •  A portal
         A helicopter
         A blimp
        • Sally Vacuum's TV Station?
        •  News Central 6
           City News 17
           Action News 5
          • Slogan for Rive Droit Savings & Loan?
          •  "The Right Bank for You"
             "Banking is Good"
             "Banks Alot!"
            • The Tick offers to demonstrate his ability to "suck" using?
            •  A reinforced steel pipe
               A tunnel
               A straw
              • What city is Blowfish Avenger awarded during the Superhero Tryouts?
              •  The City
                 New Rochelle
                 Austin, Texas
                • What does the sign say that an Idea Man holds up at the city's hydroelectric plant?
                •  "City Flood if No Money- Bomd Dam!"
                   "No Money Dam go Bye Bye Bye Boom"
                   "Give Money or Bomb Dam Flood City!!!"
                  • What is the Caped Chameleon's primary weakness?
                  •  Plaid
                    • When the Tick watches a little TV to get in touch with the culture, he sees a commercial for what food product?
                    •  Raisinettes Bran
                       Wacko Brand Tobacco
                       Drama Flakes
                      • Where do the Tick and Arthur fight crime?
                      •  Capital City
                         City of Dreams
                         The City
                        • Where is the National Super Institute?
                        •  Vegas
                        • Trivia-Names
                          • What is the name of the bank where the Tick defeats the Idea Men?
                          •  City Bank
                             Rive Droite Savings and Loan
                             First National Bank of the Country

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