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  • Trivia
    • How is Peter related to Uncle Ben?
    •  Uncle Ben is Peter's mother Mary Parker's brother
       Peter and his Uncle are not actually related by blood
       Uncle Ben is Peter's father Richard Parker's brother
      • How much money did Peter Parker make wrestling Crusher Hogan?
      •  $500
        • In which issue did Spider-Man make his first appearance?
        •  Amazing Spider-Man #1
           Amazing Fantasy #15
           Amazing Stories #6
          • In which issue was Aunt May's death faked?
          •  Amazing Spider-Man #301
             Amazing Spider-Man #196
             Amazing Spider-Man #205
            • What is the surprise present that Aunt May and Uncle Ben give Peter before Uncle Ben's death?
            •  xyloscope
              • Where did the burgler flee after Uncle Ben was killed?
              •  Lou's Tavern
                 ACME Warehouse
                 Jerry's Garage
                • Which villain proposed to Aunt May?
                •  Green Goblin
                   Doctor Octopus
                  • Who called Peter Parker "Midtown High's only professional wallflower"?
                  •  Mary Jane
                     Liz Allan
                    • Who was one of Aunt May's boyfriends after Ben's Death?
                    •  Caleb Moon
                       Joseph Reid
                       Nathan Lubrinsky
                    • Trivia-Names
                      • What is Aunt May's maiden name?
                      •  Barber
                        • What is Mary Jane's last name?
                        •  Watson
                          • What is the name of Aunt May and Uncle Ben's own child?
                          •  They didn't have children of their own
                             also Peter

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