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  • Dates
    • February 4, 1984 New record added 6/8/2021
      • Date of Daily Bugle headline: "WHERE ARE THEY?!? Still No Word on Missing Heroes" (Issue #252 Homecoming)
  • Musicians
    • Burnt Toast New record added 6/8/2021
      • Spidey runs into a teenage couple having an argument - Weezie is made because Justin didn't get ticket to take her to see her favorite band - Burnt Toast. (Issue #252 Homecoming)
  • Sports Teams-Football
    • San Francisco Skyhawks New record added 6/11/2021
      • NFL football team. Peter runs into one of his old students from Empire State University at an NFL game - the San Francisco Skyhawks vs. the New York Mammoths. He's the brother of the Mammoths quarterback, that throws the game for money. (Issue #253 By Myself Betrayed)
  • Support Groups
    • Insomniacs Anonymous New record added 6/8/2021
      • Joke Spidey makes when he can't sleep: "Maybe I should start my own branch of Insomniacs Anonymous." (Issue #252 Homecoming)

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