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1980 Film

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  • Trivia
    • Elise McKenna's room number at the Grand Hotel.
      •  313

    • Richard Collier checks into the Grand Hotel in 1912 at what time?
      •  8:19 am
         9:18 am
         10:15 am

    • Elise's first words to Richard in 1912?
      •  "Is it you?"
         "Is it too soon?"
         "Why are you blue?"

    • After being locked in the stables the night before, Richard wakes up the next morning to find that the acting troupe has already left for what city?
      •  Los Angeles

    • What future Fargo star appears as a critic in the 1972 scene when an elderly Elise approaches Richard?
      •  Steve Buscemi
         William H. Macy
         Frances McDormand

    • How much is a single room at the Grand Hotel per day in 1912?
      •  $3

    • Dr. Gerald Finney's time travel story destination.
      •  July 1912
         August 1571
         January 1980

    • What does the elderly Elise tell Richard at the opening of his play?
      •  "Return to me"
         "Be mine again"
         "Come back to me"

    • Dr. Gerald Finney's time travel story begins when?
      •  1971

    • What year is it when the movie begins?
      •  1972

    • Where did Richard go to college?
      •  Millfield College
         Millicent College
         Middlebrook College

    • Richard Collier checks into which room at the Grand Hotel in 1912?
      •  117

    • When Richard Collier checks in to the Grand Hotel in 1912, the desk clerk almost gives him which wrong room number?
      •  416

    • What is the name of Richard Collier's date at the beginning of the movie?
      •  Lori

    • How long does Arthur say he's been at the Grand Hotel?
      •  He's been there since 1910
         He's been there since forever
         Well, he's always been there

    • Richard Collier checks into which room at the Grand Hotel in 1980?
      •  416

    • Which of the following is one of Richard's plays, as seen on the wall in his office?
      •  Of Course I Love You, Don't I
         You Know I Love You, Don't You?
         I Love You and I Know You Love Me

    • The author of the novel Bid Time Return, on which the movie was based, has a brief cameo, in which he utters what word?
      •  "Clever!"

    • Dr. Gerald Finney's time travel story begins where?
      •  Venice
         Saint Louis

    • Date on the penny that sends Richard back to the present.
      •  1979

    • What is Elise's room number in the Grand Hotel in 1912?
      •  Room 204
         Room 117
         Room 301

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