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1980 Film

Real dates. Fictional events.

Fictional business and products... and more

  • Books-Nonfiction
    • Travels Through Time
      • Book by Dr. Gerald Finney. Professor at Millfield College.
  • Colleges
    • Millfield College
      • Where Richard Collier attended college.
  • Hotels
    • Hotel Del Vecchio
      • Hotel in Venice where Dr. Gerald Finney believes he traveled through time, albeit briefly.
  • Magazines-Entertainment
    • The Theatre Monthly
      • July 1972 Richard researches at the library.
  • Museums
    • Hall of History
      • Small museum room in the Grand Hotel where Richard Collier discovers and falls in love with, an old photograph of famous American theater actress Elise McKenna.
  • Theater Companies
    • The Millfield College Workshop
      • Theater group that presents Richard Collier's play Too Much Spring at Millfield College in 1972.
  • Theater Productions
    • Of Course I Love You, Don't I?
      • Play written by Richard Collier, framed in his office.
    • Passionate Apathies
      • Play written by Richard Collier, framed in his office.
    • Too Much Spring
      • Play by Richard Collier that opens on May 19, 1972 at Millfield College.
    • Wisdom of the Heart
      • Play written by Bartlett Wells that Elise McKenna performs at the Grand Hotel in 1912.

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