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1995 TV Series

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  • Maggie Beckett: Get your stinking' paw off me. (Season 3 episode This Slide of Paradise)

  • Maximillian Arturo: How are you feeling, my boy?
    Quinn Mallory: For someone who just got stabbed? Not bad.
    (Season 3 episode Dragonslide)

  • Rembrandt Brown: Look, I ain't heard nothing about the American Underground. Is that a band? Or a club? You tell me, 'cause I don't know. (Pilot episode)

  • Maximillian Arturo: How very salubrious. (Season 3 episode The Guardian)

  • Rickman: Sliders... Welcome to my nightmare. (Season 3 episode This Slide of Paradise)

  • Rembrandt Brown: Stay sharp. The show's not over until the fat Magg croaks. (Season 4 episode Mother and Child)

  • Maximillian Arturo: Can't save every world you land on. on the world where the youth are in charge. (Season 2 episode The Young and the Relentless)

  • Maximillian Arturo: Ignorant bovine! (Season 1 episode The Weaker Sex)

  • Rembrandt Brown: You're messin' with my groove, man, you're messin' with my groove! (Season 5 episode A Thousand Deaths)

  • Colin Mallory: Fascinating.
    Maggie Beckett: Don't give me that Mr. Spock stuff.
    (Season 4 episode Net Worth)

  • Maggie Beckett: Short skirts make new fools every day. (Season 4 episode Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?)

  • Maggie Beckett: What is this, a bad horror movie? What's next? Bood pouring out of the elevator, voodoo dolls chasing us with steak knives? (Season 4 episode The Alternateville Horror)

  • Dr. Oberon Geiger: Finally. (Season 5 episode Eye of the Storm)

  • Diana Davis: Open the pod bay door, Hal. (Season 5 episode Please Press One)

  • Bartender: Why don't you listen to your friend here, Obi Wan? (Season 2 episode The Young and the Relentless)

  • Trevor Blue: Live long and thump butt. (Season 4 episode Genesis)

  • Maggie Beckett: Never the face, bitch. (Season 4 episode Dataworld)

  • Rembrandt Brown: Don't forget sliders rule number 11: Never rule out the obvious no matter how weird. (Season 5 episode Please Press One)

  • Quinn Mallory: We're not in Kansas anymore. (Pilot episode)

  • Rembrandt Brown: You laugh at that! (Season 2 episode El Sid)

  • Rembrandt Brown: Sliding's like a box of chocolates...
    Maggie Beckett: Don't!
    (Season 5 episode Strangers and Comrades)

  • Maximillian Arturo: To love and win is the best thing. To love and lose is the next best. (Season 3 episode Dragonslide)

  • Maximillian Arturo: Sliders... (Season 3 episode The Exodus Part 2)

  • Rembrandt Brown: The next place might be run by a bunch of freaked-out vegetarians. I want a fat, juicy burger, man, and I want it now. (Season 2 episode Greatfellas)

  • Quinn Mallory: Since when did you become a shrapnel proof? (Season 4 Common Ground)

  • Rembrandt Brown: Kromaggots. You never disappoint, do you? (Season 4 episode Mother and Child)

  • Rembrandt Brown: You know, I'm getting the distinct feeling that it's not your head that's doing the thinking right now. (Season 3 episode Slither)

  • Quinn Mallory: Where's Wes Craven?
    Rembrandt Brown: What is this, Scream 3?
    (Season 4 episode Dataworld)

  • Quinn Mallory: Quinn sees his genius as a curse. He'd much rather be known as an athlete than a brain. But skipping two grades has made him smaller and slower than his classmates.
    Heather Hanley: But he's so gifted. It's a blessing, not a curse.
    Quinn Mallory: And one day he'll realize that, believe me. But even then, he'll practice all his science in his basement. Work he does alone in his fortress of solitude.
    (Season 3 episode The Guardian)

  • Harker: That sucked. (Season 3 episode Stoker)

  • Mallory: Looks like the Stephen King Memorial Summer Camp. (Season 5 episode Strangers and Comrades)

  • Rembrandt Brown: I haven't seen this much insanity since they canceled Star Trek. (Season 5 episode The Seer)

  • Trevor Blue: Marry me. Be my love monkey. (Season 4 episode Genesis)

  • Reed Michener: Don't think that I won't kill you! (Season 3 episode Electric Twister Acid Test)

  • Maximillian Arturo: Better to live one day as a lion than a thousand as a lamb. (Season 3 episode The Guardian)

  • Quinn Mallory: We've been here a little while. The police seem cool. We haven't seen any abuse. They're not like stormtroopers. I'm calling them. (Season 4 episode Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?)

  • Quinn Mallory: We'll do what we always do - beat the odds. (Season 4 episode Slidecage)

  • Maximillian Arturo: You'll last out there about as long as a pork chop in a pool of piranha. (Season 2 episode Love Gods)

  • Korindos: You cannot win. You must know that. (Season 4 episode Mother and Child)

  • Rembrandt Brown: Pain is a good thing - let's us know that we're alive. (Season 5 episode Strangers and Comrades)

  • Rembrandt Brown: Look, I'm all for nature walks, but these mosquitos are like stealth bombers. (Season 4 episode The Chasm)

  • Rembrandt Brown: It looks like something out of Star Trek: The Lost Episodes. (Season 4 episode Slidecage)

  • Rembrandt Brown: Whoa - the Bat Cave.
    Reed Michener: Used to be the Concord Air Force base. Now it's our home.
    (Season 3 episode Electric Twister Acid Test)

  • Sgt. Lou Dawson: That is a lot of gun for a nice lady like you. (Season 4 episode Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?)

  • Rembrandt Brown: My love for you is like a flower. I am the bud, you are the bee, take all of my power. (Season 3 episode Dragonslide)

  • Wade Welles: Oh, wow - the Bat Cave!

  • Rembrandt Brown: My mother always said the difference between a rut and a grave is a few inches. (Season 3 episode The Guardian)


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