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  • Trivia
    • What does "H&G" mean?
    •  Hello and Goodbye
       "Time's up" - HG, as in H.G. Wells, you know, The Time Machine
       "HuG" - as in, I need one
      • What movie do Annie and Becky mention several times?
      •  An Affair to Remember
         The Cable Guy
         Rear Window
        • What newspaper does Annie write for?
        •  Baltimore Times
           Baltimore Sun
           Baltimore Daily News
          • What time does Sam tell Clarise the babysitter that he'll be home when he leaves for his date?
          •  "Midnight, or 8:30 if disaster strikes."
             "Ten o'clock, no question... yeah, ten."
             "No later than eleven, unless I get lucky."
            • Who do Annie and Sam firmly believe is the best 3rd baseman of all time?
            •  Brooks Robinson
               Mike Schmidt
               Lou Gehrig
            • Trivia-Numbers
              • When Annie searches for Sam on the Nexus City News Bureau, how many results are there for "Samuel Baldwin"?
              •  1000

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