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  • Kai: I was afraid prison would make you soft.
    Han Sing: People don't get soft in prison.

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  • Dates-NoYear
    • May 16 New record added 5/30/2021
      • Han arrives in Oakland, steals a cab and meets Trish O'Day.
    • July 17 New record added 5/30/2021
      • Yellow Can driver Ahkbar's Oakland Transportation Commission ID expires on July 17.

  • Government Entities and Agencies/Bureaus/Councils
    • Oakland Transportation Commission New record added 5/30/2021
      • Stand-in for the real Metropolitan Transportation Commission in Oakland, where the film takes place.
  • Moving, Delivery, Shipping and Storage
    • Quickster Delivery New record added 5/30/2021
      • A package delivered to the barber shop Calvin's Cuts by Quickster Delivery turns out to be a bomb, and destroys the place.
  • Prisons
    • Hsing Kang Prison New record added 5/30/2021
      • Where Han is imprisoned when he learns that he brother has been killed. Scenes filmed at Crease Clinic - 2601 Lougheed Highway, Coquitlam, BC V3C 5X9, Canada.
  • Taxi Service
    • Yellow Cab New record added 5/30/2021
      • Stand-in for Oakland Yellow Cab, where the films takes place.

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